In 2014, the Elk River Chemical Spill left 300,000 Americans without water for 4 days. This major chemical accident highlighted the critical gaps in information and emergency response capabilities for water utilities across America.


Origins of watersuite

Through cooperation between Corona Environmental Consulting and American Water, a set of requirements were assembled for a cloud-based, nationwide data system that would track potential chemical, biological and environmental hazards, and the approved procedures to treat emergencies involving those chemicals. This was the beginning of WaterSuite. 

About WaterSuite

WaterSuite is a secure, cloud-based platform that integrates data from utilities and publicly available sources to help manage risks to drinking water. Designed as a dynamic system of record, WaterSuite helps facilitate decision making, communication, and better operations of water utilities.


WaterSuite seeks to help water professionals understand their water systems, improve the treatment of water, deliver the best quality of water, and respond effectively to emergencies by integrating many sources of information into one accessible information system.